Raja Symala Devi

Rajashyamala Devi is a powerful goddess and is one of the ten Mahavidyas. She is more popularly known as Goddess Matangi. With her color closely resembling the neela-megha or dark-clouds carrying water, the three-eyed goddess beauty is beyond words. Glowing with youthful energy, she is a sweet talker and loves talking to a parrot. Her throne is made of pearls and all the known jewels, but it’s the crescent moon adorning her forehead that brings out her beauty.

She adorns red garments, holds a conch-vessel, wears conch earrings, and plays Veena decorated with rubies. Pandits and Vedics also call her tantric Saraswathi. While goddess Saraswathi is for worldly knowledge, Rajashyamala is for enhancing internal knowledge.

Rajashyamala Yagnam
Yagam or homam is worship involving sacrificing clothes and grains into the fire to appease the deity.
Raja Shyamala Yagam is about worshipping goddess Raja Matangi. The homam begins with performing Ganapathi puja to ensure no obstacles hinder the completion of the puja successfully. The next step is to perform Sankalpa, followed by Punyahavachanam, Kalasha puja, and Navagraha puja. Invoking Raja Shyamala Devi follows these pujas. It is then followed by the chanting of mantras, performing the homam as per Vedic rituals, to dedicate the puja to Raja Shyamala Devi.

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