Kal Bhairav Ashttami

On this auspicious day, Devotees worship Lord Bhairava to overcome the obstacles in life. People also observe a strict fast for the whole day to impress him. Aditya Purana states the importance and the prominence of Kala Bhairava. Kaal Bhairava means ‘Time’ and Bhairava is- The incarnation of Lord Shiva. Followers of Lord Shiva worship Lord Bhairava with much devotion and celebrate this festivity with great pomp and show every year. He is a lord of time and grants blessings to the one who values time.

Lord Bhairava is revered especially on Sundays, so it is believed that if Kalasthmi ever falls on Sundays, it is accounted to be the most divine. The fate of idolizing Lord Bhairava on Kalashtami is commemorated with full enthusiasm and fervor almost in every part of the country and outside it. People take a dip in Sacred Rivers on this favorable day. They listen to Shiva Kathas and recite Shlokas and Mantras in the name of Lord Bhairava. The Pooja-Vidhi and the Traditional Rituals of Kaal Bhairava are initiated by offering fruits, flowers, and Madira (Wines/Alcohol) to him.

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