Active Sevas

On the sacred occasion of Magha Shukla padyami to Navami, which falls on the 10 to 18th of February 2024, join us in invoking the blessings of Goddess Rajashyamala through special rituals.Experience the divine energy through Rajashyamala Homa, Abhisheka, and Kumkumarchana Sevas performed by our experienced Veda Pandits on your behalf.

Empowerment in Life:

Strengthened Influence and Command
Enhanced Mastery over Life’s Affairs
Augmented Personal Authority

Political Triumph:

Attainment of Political Success
Fulfillment of Political Ambitions
Triumph in the Political Arena
Exceptional Leadership

Traits :

Cultivation of Exceptional Leadership Qualities
Manifestation of Admirable Leadership Skills
Development of Exemplary Leadership Capabilities
Elevated Educational and

Career Prowess :

Attainment of Heights in Education
Soaring Career Achievements
Unprecedented Success in Education and Profession
Rapid Career

Advancements :

Swift and Accelerated Job Progression
Quick Ascension in Professional Path
Prompt Career Advancements
Enhanced Financial

Well-being :

Improved Financial Prosperity
Increased Profits and Income
Flourishing Economic and Personal Well-being 
Cultivation of Wisdom and Mental Liberation:
Attainment of Profound Wisdom
Liberation from Mental Strain
Inner Freedom and Mental Clarity.

Triumph in Legal Matters :

Victory in Legal Battles
Successful Resolution of Court Cases
Favorable Outcomes in Legal Affairs
Shielding from

Adversaries :

Protection from Foes and Negative Forces
Safeguarding Against Enemies
Defense from Detrimental Influences
Harmonious Personal and Professional Life:
Attainment of Equilibrium in Life
Striking a Balance Between Personal and Professional Realms
Achieving Great Harmony in Life’s Aspects.

Attainment of Equilibrium in Life
Striking a Balance Between Personal and Professional Realms
Achieving Great Harmony in Life’s Aspects.Our esteemed Veda Pandits, with the grace of tradition, receive your details. During the Sankalpa, a sacred commitment, they chant your names, invoking divine blessings and praying to God on your behalf. This ensures that you are enveloped in the complete spectrum of the Seva’s benefits.With meticulous care, we mix these sacred Akshatas in large quantities, ensuring the maintenance of sanctity and hygiene in every step. The edible Prasad, a token of divine blessings, is sourced directly from the god.Your divine package, filled with the essence of the Seva, will be shipped with reverence and care, reaching your doorstep within 2 weeks. This sacred Prasad is not just a gift; it’s a manifestation of the divine energy and blessings you’ve invoked through your participation in the Seva.Join us on this sacred journey, and let the divine blessings of Rajashyamala fill your life with abundance, harmony, and spiritual fulfillment.We believe that the energy of devotion and prayer elevates the very nature of the products we offer. The vibrational imprint of the divine ceremony at Kamakshipeetam is embedded in each item, turning it into a sacred relic of spiritual significance.